Family and estate planning lawyer

Attorney Higgins serves clients zealously and compassionately in the following matters:


Child Custody and Grandparent Visitation; 

Child Support – Collection Advocacy and Collection Defense; Adoption;

Guardianship; Complaints for Modifying Prior Court Judgments; Complaints for Contempt – Either Prosecution or Defense;

Paternity Cases;

Alimony Arrangements;

Prenuptial Agreements; and

Informal and Formal Probate Petitions.

A divorce is never an easy situation, and when you are facing the realities of divorce, you need the right help. From the divorce itself to planning for support and asset division, you will want a zealous legal professional to help you avoid mistakes and protect your future.

During the divorce process, legal agreements are made that resolve current and potential future issues. This is why having a skilled attorney who has your best interests in mind is vital. If you are contemplating divorce, contact Law Office of Craig M. Higgins for completing the divorce process start to finish.