Real Estate transactions

Streamlining the Real Estate Transaction Process.

Seller Transaction Representation 

  • Drafting your sales contract based on the accepted offer tendered from your broker.
  • Negotiating any inspection issues or contract changes with buyer’s counsel.
  • Obtaining payoff statements for any mortgages or liens against your ownership.
  • Escrowing any contract purchase deposits until sale.
  • Preparing your Deed and a Power of Attorney to represent you at the closing.
  • Attending the closing on your behalf.
  • Providing you with an accounting of the sale transaction and transmitting your sale proceeds to you.

Buyer Transaction Representation

  • Reviewing your home inspection, offer to purchase, and the sale contract with you.
  • Reviewing your financing and estimated closing costs.
  • Protecting your purchase deposit in the contract until you have a commitment for financing.
  • Assisting you in the selection of home insurance coverage.
  • Provide the guidance of a real estate lawyer.
  • Making sure you declare and record a Declaration of Homestead with your purchase.
  • Representing you at closing.

Landlord/Tenant Matters

  • Prepare for eviction of a tenant.
  • Defend against an eviction.
  • Prepare for a new tenancy.
  • Have representation during Summary Process.
  • Determine your rights as either a landlord or a tenant.